Guest Conducting


1 - 5 Days:

        Guest Conducting

                Major Choral Festivals

                College & University Choirs

                National, Regional, State Collegiate

                        Honors Choirs

        Guest Coaching: Graduate Students



1 Week - 1 Semester:

        Guest Conducting at Colleges & University

                A Cappella Repertoire 15th – 21st Centuries: Mixed, Men, Women

                        Concert Choirs

                        Chamber Choirs

                Masterworks with Chorus and Orchestra

                        17th – 20th Centuries: Mixed, Men, Women

        Artist in Residence/Guest Residencies/Sabbatical Leave Replacement
                Conducting Collegiate Choral Ensembles

                        A Cappella, Concerted, Choral-Orchestral

                Oratorio Choruses, Concert Choirs, Chamber Choirs, Vocal Ensembles

                Mixed, Men, Womens’ Choirs


Possible Engagements

Festivals & Events 

Choral Festivals




Choral – Orchestral Performances


        Colleges & Universities

Collegiate & High School Honors Choirs: National, Divisional, All-State

        Mixed Choirs

        Men’s Choruses

        Women’s Choruses

Guest Conductor: Festivals

        Choral-Orchestral Masterworks

        A Cappella Gems & Masterpieces: Renaissance, Recent, Romantic

        Concerted Works of Monteverdi & Schütz

        Chamber Choirs, Soloists, & (Period) Orchestras

                Concerted Works of Bach & Händel

                Masses of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven

Colleges & Universities

Mixed Choirs: Oratorio, Concert, & Chamber Choirs

        Choral-Orchestral Masterworks

        A Cappella Repertoire

Renaissance Choirs

        Gems & Masterworks: Sacred Repertoire 

        Vocal Chamber Music: Secular Repertoire

Chamber Choirs, Soloists, & (Period) Orchestras

        Concerted Works of Monteverdi & Schütz

        Concerted Works of Bach & Händel

        Masses of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven

Men’s & Womens’ Choruses:

        A cappella Works: Renaissance, Romantic; 20th & 21st century music from:

                U.S., Canada, West & East Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, South Africa,

                South America

        Choral-Orchestral Repertoire: 17th, 19th, 20th  Centuries

Coaching Conductors

How to Prepare for the Rehearsal

        Score Study & Preparation: Development of the Mind’s Ear

        Reflections of the Mind’s Ear of the Score: Marking the Score for Rehearsal

        Preparing the Score & the Ear for Rehearsing

        Foundations for Rehearsals: Philosophy, Psychology, Energy

Rehearsing: Techniques for Hearing (Rehearing), Listening, & Fixing

        Measuring the Sound & Progress of the Choir against your Mind’s Ear of the Score

                Specific Techniques for Fixing: Intonation, Balance, Ensemble Rhythm, Vowels

                Specific Techniques for Clarifying: dynamics, phrasing, articulation, line, rubato

                Choral Standing/Seating Positions for Hearing & Attaining Rehearsal Goals

        Choral Rehearsal Preparation for Choral-Orchestral Rehearsals


        Principles & Perspectives

        Technique: Clarity & Precision

                Pulse, Ictus, Tempo, Meters, Patterns

                Starts, Stops, Subdivisions, Merging, Fermatas, Cues

                Right arm/Left arm coordination & differentiation

                Posture, Energy, Eyes: seeing the score/looking at the choir

        Technique: Expressivity

                Dynamics, Phrasing, Articulation, Linear Direction, Rubato

                Highlighting, Minimizing, Reinforcing, Differentiating

                Gestural Conducting – the mental-aural image of the score

                Reactive and Supportive Conducting – the choir

                Leadership, Presence, Authority

                Conducting the Score/Conducting Your Interpretation/Conducting the Choir

        Style & Performing Medium:

                Conducting Renaissance Choral Music

                Conducting Major Works with Chorus & Orchestra

                Conducting: Recitatives, Ariosos, Arias

Mixed Choirs (40 years)

        Vassar College Choir

        Cappella Festiva Chamber Choir & Orchestra

        Bard College Community Choir

        Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum

Mens’ Chorus (33 years)

        Lehigh University Glee Club

        Harvard Glee Club

Womens’ Chorus (24 years)

        Vassar College Chorus

        Radcliffe Choral Society

Conducting Experience









“Marvin’s conducting encourages free, generous sonority, the healthiest, most rewarding way to sing.”

–The San Francisco Chronicle

“Director Jameson Marvin deserves much acclaim for his skill at directing choral music, and for achieving such a delicate blend of voice parts.”

–The Boston Globe

“It has been an honor and a privilege of the highest degree to study choral music with such a talented and inspiring conductor… I will never forget the beautiful moments of musical transcendence we shared together.”

–Radcliffe Choral Society ’10 alum